Pearls as Staple for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and knowing how to dress to beat the heat while maintaining your sense of fashion can be difficult. Fortunately for many of us, it appears that pearls are coming back into fashion and taking the limelight this summer.


Pearl jewellery is classic and dynamic, as it can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. If you're hesitant to give pearls a try, let us try to convince you that pearl jewellery and styling have hardly anything to do with out-of-date fashion.

From gleaming pearl necklaces to eye-catching pearl chokers, we will show you how to effortlessly add that special charm to any summer event.


Tip #1 - Formal Events

Pearls have always been a classic choice for accessorising an evening gown at a formal event, and they’re the perfect touch for any formal occasion. Compliment your elegant, long dress with a strand of pearls or two on your neck and wrists.

Tip #2 - Everyday Work-wear

During that important meeting, look stylish and graceful to amuse that notable customer.

Pearl earrings with an adjustable front/back look are the way to go. With the feature of wearing the studs with or without the gem jackets, these earrings are professional while also easily adapting from day to night.

"There's something simple yet so beautiful about pearls - which is why they seem to be the embellishment of choice right now. Not over the top or too bling-y, they add just the right amount of decorative detail to suggest" – VOGUE 2022

Tip # 3 Summer Dresses

A statement pendant is essential for any season, but oversized natural pearl pendants in contemporary, tremendous models are ultimate showstoppers this summer.

Such textured pearl jewellery will be seen in a combination of gold, silver, or stainless steel chains and compilations, ideal for wearing with a stylish sleeveless dress or a fastened black tuxedo.

Tip #4 - Nights Out in Comfort

If you're going out for an entertaining, casual summer night with friends, you might think about leaving your pearls home.

Pearls, on the other hand, can add a pretty touch to any attire, from adorable summer dresses to nice and comfortable capris. You can experiment with any kind of pendant or bracelet that enhances your appearance with casual wear.

To add some pop to your denim, try a cute pearl charm anklet.

To complete your stylish look, opt for a quirky, chunky, multicoloured pearl pendant.

Tip #5 - Taking Care of Your Pearls

While pearls make excellent summer jewellery, they must be appropriately cared for to maintain their lustre.

Interaction with chlorine and pool substances, as well as some ingredients in beauty products and moisturisers, can all damage your pearls. As a result, avoid wearing pearls when you are in physical touch with these materials.

Wear a glitzy hat that will complement your elegant pearls if you're only going to be in the bright sun for a short time.

Consider investing in a carrying case intended for safely stashing your pearl jewellery while on the go on a day trip or vacation.

Summing Up

Summers are the perfect season to start wearing pearls everywhere!

Pearls indeed make you feel confident and empowered, regardless of whether you are prepping up for work or simply want to add a charm of gracefulness to your everyday style.

We hope this blog post has shown you how to style pearls in a variety of ways. So get out there and buy yourself some beautiful new pearl jewellery, and wear it with glory!

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