Pearls As Timeless Pieces Are Back In Fashion

Pearls have made a comeback in 2022 jewellery trends and proven themselves to be the most significant and longest jewellery trends to have ever existed.

They have effortlessly passed the test of time and emerged as a best friend of women of all generations. However, the trend has changed over the decades, and pearl jewellery is not only reserved for once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Neither is it only to be trapped in grandma’s generational jewellery for decades after. The 2022 pearl jewellery trend showcases women’s these best friends in unique, different and interesting ways by brands and some of the most top-tier designers.


 Pearls are a timeless piece, so they have never exited the world of fashion and jewellery. Recently, they have made a comeback in the most unique and interesting new way that mixes the trends of the 80’s generation with the millennial and current Gen Z women population.

How to Style Pearls in the 2022 Pearls Jewellery Trends?

We are here to explore how the current pearl jewellery trend can be styled for different looks and days to showcase pearls in their timeless yet unique and interesting manner.

Every time pearls re-enter the world of fashion and jewellery, they are there to stay. But with changing and interesting new trends, how should these gemstones be exactly worn this time around? As we have come a long way from reserving pearl jewellery sets for once-in-a-lifetime occasions, we now have a timeless pearl jewellery piece for every event or occasion.


Everyday Styles

Some pearl studs can give your everyday dull office outfits a much-needed oomph, or a pearl ring can be the perfect marriage ring to carry around for the rest of your life on every possible outfit. The options are endless.

If you are not one of the stud and ring kind of people to accessorise your everyday styles, a single-line pearl necklace or bracelet can even do the job.

Running out to your child’s school for a meeting and later having a list full of errands to attend to? A pearl bracelet can be the perfect accessory to play around with.

Nomination Italy initiated another unique and interesting take on the modern pearl trend as they came out with rose gold plated pearl necklaces and bracelets to up your everyday outfit game.


Bridal Pearl Jewellery

For far too long, Pearls have been the only still-standing bridal staple in many cultures and parts of the world, symbolising happy and long marriages to this date.

They are the perfect piece of jewellery to add a dreamy and alluring shine on a bride, as depicted by the Joshua James allure necklace collection for the brides of 2022, paired with matching pearl ear pieces and bracelets to complete the look.

Are you, on the other end of the pole, a non-traditional bride and still want some pearl embezzled action on your big day? There are many other pearl options ranging from contemporary luxury to boho-luxe styles.

Special Event Piece

 As pearl jewellery advances and takes a new shape as decades pass by, it does not lose its real essence. Showcasing glamourised, shining, and classic style has always been the true essence of pearl jewellery, so it can still be the perfect reserved piece for one of your special occasions.

Pearl's distinctive shimmer makes it subtle yet classy and adds a touch of romance while keeping the classic romance alive. Pearl earrings and necklace that baffle the beholder with their delicacy is still a special events affair that oozes timeless glamour.

From an upscale lunch to a romantic dinner date, a timeless pearl set never loses its charm.

Like Jacqueline Kennedy said, “if diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then what does that make the pearls?” we say it’s a necessity.

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