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Puso (Heart)

Puso (Heart)

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(n.) Heart

Filipinos still follow the traditional dating etiquette which is called Panliligaw or in other worlds, courting. Most often, the man is expected to make the first move and win the woman's heart. The dating culture is conservative and really puts high regard on the whole courting process: serenade, their family’s approval, and subtle affectionate displays.

Introducing our Limited Edition All Pearl Necklace, a sublime fusion of romance and style crafted exclusively for Valentine's Day. This exquisite piece features a graceful string of luminous pearls culminating in a delicate heart pendant. With limited stocks available, this necklace is a rare token of love, ensuring each wearer enjoys an exclusive connection to the season's sentiments. Elevate your Valentine's celebration with this timeless, limited-edition accessory that captures the essence of affection in underlined elegance.

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